The Indignation!

I think I touched a raw nerve. Last week, an older post of mine generated nearly 2,000 views. I started receiving all sorts of comments from Salvos (mostly Americans, I believe, based on their grammar), seriously condemning me for my views. Someone even tweeted on Twitter that they could not believe I was still an officer.

First of all, I could not believe the amount of people who viewed my site. It seems that the vast majority of the viewers were from the States. Many of them seemed to dare me to even publish their comments. I do not know why. Therefore, I obliged them.

There were a few things I learned out of all this:

  1. They were indignant with me. Why? I believe they think I am advocating for sin. I am not. I am advocating for love and acceptance. Most Salvationists believe it is impossible to be in a same-sex relationship and be a Christian. Bollocks. Hogwash. Who are we to judge whether someone is a Christian or not? Who are we to judge on whether or not someone is saved? Who are we to judge the state of one’s soul? I do not need to justify myself or my salvation. The Eighth Doctrine of The Salvation Army states:

    We believe that we are justified by grace through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and that he that believeth hath the witness in himself.

    I have no need to prove my salvation to anyone. This is a matter strictly between my Saviour and myself.

  2. Secondly, many of my commentators seem to think that I am gay. I am not. I am bisexual, which means I have the possibility of being attracted to both men and women equally. A mate of mine asked me which I preferred:  men or women. I appreciate both equally. Given the opportunity, I would marry either, if he/she is willing.
  3. Finally, I am concerned by the amount of hate that seems to emanate from those posters. I saw several of my more conservative friends link to my article, thinking that it was impossible for someone to believe as I do and still be an officer. I am not “out” yet. However, I do know personally 2 gay men who are out and they are both officers. They are single. They are celibate. Believe me, I know they are watched like hawks. However, they have impeccable characters and are a true witness to the saving grace of our Lord.

I am truly sad for this state of affairs. It seems that we can only talk at each other and not with each other. We are not capable of listening. We are only capable of condemning. May we all remember that we are all sinners saved by grace. We need to stop condemning and begin loving.

4 thoughts on “The Indignation!

  1. Two thousand views in a week? Yeah, you really plucked a few nerves, didn’t you? Without offense to you, your fellow Salvos, or anyone else who is devoutly religious, the fact that they don’t believe that someone could be Christian and not straight (or be happy in a same-sex relationship) says some disturbing things about their view of the world we live in as well as the equally disturbing position of questioning someone’s faith in God which is supposed to be inviolate: You can question anything else about them but never this.

    There are many, many bisexuals who understand that their sexuality and their faith – and even their service to their religion – has nothing to do with their sexuality and it is as you say – a lot of devout bisexuals won’t ever do anything about their feelings… but they still have them even though religion wants to control their thoughts and feelings and direct them to a singular – and sometimes hypocritical – point of view.

    It’s truly sad to read about this; it’s even sadder to see people of faith be so much in denial about the reality of the world around us, how it has gone unchanged for millennia while mankind keeps moving on. If religion wonders why so many people are beginning to turn their backs on it, well, it’s not that difficult to see why… but it is to note that while many people are disassociating themselves with religious doctrine, they are not abandoning their believe and faith in God. If it exists, it can’t be impossible; religion KNOWS that bisexuality and homosexuality exists because it fights against these things all of the time so, no, it’s not impossible that you believe as you do, feel as you do, but can continue to faithfully serve as an officer. Maybe I’m wrong but I though service, in any capacity, was about why you served and how you serve and not your sexual orientation…

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  2. “O is not the Christ ‘midst the crowd of today
    Whose questioning cries do not cease?
    And will he not show to the hearts that would know
    The things that belong to their peace?
    But how shall they hear if the preacher forbear
    Or lack in compassionate zeal?
    Or how shall hearts move with the Master’s own love,
    Without his anointing and seal?”

    “Except I am moved with compassion,
    How dwelleth thy Spirit in me?
    In word and in deed
    Burning love is my need;
    I know I can find this in thee.”
    – General Albert Orsborn

    It seems today that there are many Salvationist who believe these words to be a lie. They make no attempt to understand, much less live, a life of compassion. It breaks my heart to see so much hate from people who are suppose to be ‘Messengers of Grace’.

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